I’m a scientist.

I’m a physicist, that makes me a scientist. What is a scientist? Well… scientist are people who are always wondering why. Scientist are like two year old kids. I like to call ourselves ‘the why people’.

why is the sky blue?

why is the sea blue?1. gato + tostada

why is this slice of pizza I forgot 2 weeks ago behind my bed blue?

A scientist makes him or herself debate all kinds of weird questions:

Who eat bees?

How come penguins’ feet do not freeze?

Sometimes questions are disturbing

How fat must be a man so when shooting him with a bullet it won’t cross his entire body?

Well, at this point, you will agree with me that if you do the math you are definitely a psychopath.

I did it. It’s 650 kg.

Why do cats always land on their feet?

Seriously, cats always land on their feet, no matter what. You can hold your cat upwards, sideways or downwards, then release it. Nine times out of ten it will land on it’s feet.

But that’s unexpected. If you are holding a cat downwards by the legs and release it… how does it manage to turn over in mid-air?

Just imagine you are free falling, there is nothing to hold or to push so you can start spinning… so what is happening here?

The trick is, the cat spins its tail one way so he can spin the body the other way around.

If this doesn’t make sense to you please stand up. Now jump and try to land facing the other way around… what have you done with your arms? You have spined them opposite to your body movement, haven’t you?

That’s what cats do with it’s tail… and to be fair, with its bum and back legs too. Half of it’s body spins one direction, the other half spins the other way around and it finally lands upwards.

Posted by Shedka.

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